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The Ponies

Competition Name Jim (Cobid)

Age – 15

Height – 128cm

Colour – Grey

Owner - Rider owned

He curls his lip after he’s eaten a treat. Being grey he gets bathed a lot using Supreme Products blue shampoo, and he loves hacking.

Aims for the future Jim is our superstar. We hope to jump at Horse of the Year Show and Royal International Horse Show in 2024.


Competition Name Brookhall Pavarotti


Age – 16

Height – 127cm

Colour – Chestnut

Owner - Rider owned

Fun Fact – Pav has an adorable way of crossing his front legs. He loves cross country and is very passionate about food!

Aims for the future – We’d love to qualify for Horse of the Year Show and Royal International Horse Show in the 133 workers, and just have lots of fun.


Competition Name Bronheulog Gold Dust

Age – 11

Height – 122cm

Colour – Palomino

Owner - Rider Owned

Fun Fact – Casper loves a roll so much that he can sometimes come in looking like a bay!

Aim for the Future – qualify Horse of the Year Show and Royal International Horse Show in the 122 SHP Class & maybe do workers with him.


Competition Name Kilcreene Snapdragon


Age – 10

Height – 128cm

Colour – Chestnut

Owner - Rider Owned

Fun Fact – He is our cheeky chappy. He loves licking everything and his favourite treat is a rich tea biscuit. He also has a very amusing ‘posh’ walk that attracts a lot of attention!


Competition Name Toplines Royal Wonder

Age – 9

Height – 128cm

Colour – Tri Coloured

Owner - Charlotte Kay and Rider Owned

Fun Fact – Elliot is always happy. He loves a cuddle and he really has the heart of a lion, except if he is cold. He hates being cold!

Aims for the Future – bond with each other and jump the top tracks.


Competition Name Tullibards Silver Mine


Age – 16

Height – 138cm

Colour – Grey

Owner - Rider Owned

Fun Fact – Monty is Anya’s first 138 showjumper and he is a perfect partner to gain experience with in the bigger classes. He is so kind hearted and he loves a cuddle, he’s almost human!

Aim for the Future – Get experience jumping the 138 classes.


Competition Name Rhydypandy Tom Jones

Age – 9

Height – 132cm

Owner - Rebecca Carter

Fun Fact – We are lucky to have the ride on Tom this season for our good friends.

Aim for the Future – We are already amazed at how well Tom is performing in the 13hh M&M Working Hunter Pony Classes so we can’t wait to see where the next few outings take them!

Tom Jones

Competition Name 


Age – 11

Height –  138cm

Colour – Skewbald

Owner - Simon & Natalie Britcliffe

Fun Fact – She loves XC

Aim for future – Blue Chip final, second rounds in 80 and 90 and do some arena eventing or my first ever ODE.


Previous Ponies

These original members of Team DC have all moved on to new homes but formed such an important part of Anya’s career that they will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Training is the backbone of Anya’s showjumping journey. She is always eager to learn, develop and improve her skills, and this determination and focus has driven her to where she is today. Anya is lucky to have a fantastic team around her supporting her as she puts in the hard work.

Louise Saywell.jpg

Louise Lovegrove

(nee Saywell)

Louise has been by Anya’s side throughout her showjumping career. Louise is an International Showjumper who works with Anya at home. 


Paul Kelly

Paul is Anya’s Show Day trainer. He walks the course and warms her up before she competes and also provides some training sessions where time allows. 

The people behind Team DC


Anna Dewey Clarke

Anya’s family have always been her biggest cheerleaders.

Mum Anna used to ride herself and is responsible for Anya’s riding career having first kick started the passion when she put her on a Shetland pony aged just 3! She has been by her side ever since, supporting any decisions she makes and being there for her through all the highs and lows, making sure first and foremost that she is always enjoying herself on this crazy journey!


Lydia Christopher

Lydia is our wonderful groom, working tirelessly behind the scenes making sure that the ponies (and Anya!) are pampered, prepped and ready to go both in and out of the arena.

PHOTO-2024-02-20-17-52-03 2.jpg

Marbles & The Cat


Age –  3

Breed – Miniature Dachshund

Colour – Marbled 

Fun Fact – His ears flop, he has his own chair and he rules the place.

The Cat

Also Known as: Beauty or KitKat depending on who you ask!

Age - Kitten

Colour - Black and white

Fun Fact – Her and marbles love each other she sleeps all day in the hay.

white 01.jpg


James is our hardworking stable hand. He is always there behind the scenes making sure that the yard is spic and span and that the horses are clean and well cared for. 

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